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Service Process

Responding to Emailed Project Requests

  1. Respond even if you can't do the project. Fast response times (within 2 hours) is one of the best ways to demonstrate high professionalism.

  2. Suggested email template:

    Hi Mary,

    This is John Doe, business video producer with Pro Media. Thank you for contacting me about having a marketing video produced for your business. (our profile: www.biveo.com/johndoe.)

    For your 30-second marketing video, I will provide:

    • Help with the narrative via interview questions or script
    • Shot list of the business in action
    • Professional lighting where necessary
    • Professional XLR audio collection via shotgun mic
    • Commercial HD camcorder (A-roll) and DSLR camera (B-roll)
    • Fluid head tripod and roller
    • Narration Shoot (A-roll) with coaching
    • Shots of the business (B-roll)
    • Background music
    • Professional editing using Final Cut
    • A list of sites to place your video

    Your project should take 5 hours and will cost $500. (Additional hours $100/hour). Payment upon completion.

    I am free to discuss the project tomorrow afternoon. Should I call you around 2pm?

    John Doe Ph: 123-123-1234 john.doe@promedia.co ProMedia.co

  3. Review Biveo's 6-Step Production Recommendations. Reference Biveo's script templates and interview questions for ideas: https://biveo.com/step/narration/auto-repair.

  4. Video Release. When filming an employee, the owner should have them sign a release: www.biveo.com/doc/video-release.pdf.

  5. Deliver the Initial Video. Discus edits the customer may want done.

  6. Collect Payment.

Customer Service

Providing customers with a great experience will grow your business.

Be Prompt

  1. Always answer emails, phone calls, and return missed calls promptly.
  2. Always show up on time to shoots.
  3. Always complete the video in a timely manner.

Be Prepared

  1. Make sure they like the script, shotlist and vision ahead of the shoot.
  2. Always bring the proper equipment, backup bulbs, memory, earphones.

Be Professional

  1. Turn your cell phone off when with the client.
  2. Always maintain a pleasant, and accommodative demeanor toward the customer.
  3. Always strive to find the shots that best display the business.

Be Accommodating

  1. Take a genuine interest in their business.
  2. Be aware that most people are not comfortable in front of the camera.
  3. Coach your customer to have confidence and humility when speaking.
  4. Try to avoid requesting a down payment.
  5. Do not give customers any reason to regret having hired you.

Guarantee great service. If a customer wants to cancel a project due to:

...Allow the customer to cancel without a fee.

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