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Small Business Marketing Video Options: Get Started

Small Business Owners: Produce It Yourself

Producing a one-minute small business marketing video can take as little as 5 hours with experience, 10 to 15 hours when first learning.

Are customers willing to watch a video?

We asked consumers if they would watch small businesses' short videos before choosing. Below are the percentages of those that said they would.

Videographers 85%
Entertainment Facilities 83%
Real Estate Agents 81%
Healthcare (Using Dentists) 72%
Fitness Centers 71%
Restaurants & Bars 71%
Hotels 70%
Home & Office Services 63%
Retail Shops 63%
Hair Salons & Barber Shops 59%
Moving Companies 57%
Auto Repair Shop 54%
Service Stores (Dry Cleaners) 51%
Professional Services (Coming soon)
Entertainers for Hire (Coming soon)
Charter Bus Companies (Coming soon)
Small Businesses Overall Avg. 68%

Should the owner narrate?

We asked customers if they prefer the video be narrated by the owner. Below are the survey results of those in favor and then against. ("indifferent" not shown.)

Real Estate Agents 86% (4% don't)
Auto Repair Shops 64% (7% don't)
Moving Companies 62% (14% don't)
Home & Office Services 60% (12% don't)
Videographers 58% (8% don't)
Hair Salons & Barber Shops 51% (19% don't)
Healthcare (Using Dentists) 49% (12% don't)
Service Stores (Dry Cleaners) 46% (16% don't)
Entertainment Facilities 45% (22% don't)
Fitness Centers 43% (15% don't)
Restaurants & Bars 30% (20% don't)
Retail Shops 23% (34% don't)
Hotels 14% (37% don't)
Professional Services (Coming soon)
Entertainers for Hire (Coming soon)
Charter Bus Companies (Coming soon)
Small Businesses Overall Avg. 49% (17% don't)

  • The most important things to include in your video that help customers.
  • The ideal ways to present your business on video.
  • The most cost-effective process for producing your video.

Video helps your customers...

  • See that your business is established, legitimate
  • See how your business fills their need
  • Visualize doing business with you
  • Feel confident hiring you

Video helps your business...

  • Attract new customers
  • Spend less time selling
  • Obtain full price

Video best helps when added to...

  • Directories you advertise on
  • Your website home page
  • Social media
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Produce It Yourself

What to Expect

  1. Your first time can take over 10 hours. But with practice, the process can take as little as 5 hours.
  2. Using this process is free.

Find Video Producers

What to Expect

  1. Search local videographers or editors.
  2. Work directly with your videographer, not through a middleman.
  3. The shoot for a small business marketing video takes 1-2 hours.
  4. Small business marketing videos can often be completed by the next day.

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Home & Office Services

(Contractors, Cleaning Services, Tech Installations, Landscapes)

Auto Repair

(Mechanics, Body Repair, Oil Changes, Towing)


(Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Spas, Tanning Salons)

Service Stores

(Dry Cleaners, Car Washers, Tech Repair, Banks)


(Health Clubs, Gyms, Trainers, Coaches, Yoga Centers)

Professional Services

(Insurance, Accounting, Lawyers, Writers)

Retail Stores

(Retail Stores, Dealerships, Grocery, Gas Stations)

Real Estate

(Agents, Rental Services)


(Doctors, Therapists, Dentists, Optical Shops, Pharmacies)


(Shoot testimonials of your clients)


(Musicians, Performers)


(Theaters, Amusement Parks, Shows, Tours, Haunted Houses, Museums)

Product Demos

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