Biveo helps small businesses more easily produce an effective marketing video. Biveo reduces costs and production time while guiding you to improve the effectiveness of your video's content.

Business owners can follow Biveo's industry-specific, research-based, 6-step process for creating their video themselves free, or find streamlined business video production specialists for hire within the US and Canada. (Videographers are vetted and receive training material from Biveo before being listed in the directory of "biveographers".)

Shoot it Yourself 6-Step Process

Biveo’s 6-step production process helps businesses more quickly and easily produce a quality video on their own. It saves you time by provding top inteview questions and or most effective script templates for the narration shoot A-roll, and outlining the most effective shots to take for your B-roll. This option is designed for the business owner with prosumer camera skills, and has prosumer-level video editing software on their computer.

Directory of Business Videographers for Hire

Biveo provides a searchable directory of “biveographers” serving the US and Canada categorized by skill level. Businesses contact and work with biveographers directly. Biveo is not a middleman. Biveo does its best to make sure that listed biveographers:


When done right, video makes it easier for the consumer to determine which business is best-suited to their needs. Biveo works to help businesses and videographer produce the best video they can at the most affordable rate.

1970’s: Yellow Pages
2000’s: Websites
2010’s: Social Media
2020's: Video

Aside from an in-person visit, video can best provide customers with the full picture of the business (the owner, staff, building, equipment, vehicles and what makes their service unique).


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August 30, 2016 Beta stage of Biveo.com launched for the first wave of business videographer invitations.
February 1, 2017 Biveo.com operational beta site launched. Advertising launched.
March 13, 2017 Biveo surpasses 500 videographer members.
August 11, 2017 Biveo.com partnership with AirGigs.com. Blog published, http://blog.airgigs.com/2017/08/tips-for-creating-a-great-promo-video/.
August 30, 2017 Biveo surpasses 800 videographer members.
November 15, 2017 Biveo surpasses 900 videographer members.
January 18, 2018 Biveo surpasses 1,000 videographer members.
April 18, 2018 Biveo surpasses 1,100 videographer members.



Mark Greer

Mark Greer founded BusRates.com in 2004 which was acquired in part by UMA.org in 2009, and fully in 2012. Mark also founded MoversReviewed.com in 2011 which was acquired by Tribune, Gannet, McClatchy, & Classified Ventures joint venture in 2012. Raised to be an artist by an art teacher, Mark is a "jack of all trades" with interests in science, music and psychology, but sales and marketing is the main career focus.


Eric Reid

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Eric is a 14-year veteran of Silicon Valley. He’s worn several hats throughout his career including engineering, marketing & business development, project management and most recently as a program manager for the Adobe Ecommerce team. After leaving the corporate world in 2009, Eric found success starting two mobile app companies, OtherWise Games and Brain Rice Games.


Hubert Lamela

Hubert Lamela is a passionate storyteller, having produced multiple digital media campaigns for dozens of brands and emerging startups. He shot and directed some of the Bay Area’s most successful crowdfunding and startup videos — helping them raise more than $4.5 million in funding with the aid of visual storytelling. In his free time, Hubert enjoys hiking, exploring new music, and shooting photography.


Mark Henry Cooney

Born in Guatemala and raised on American film from the mid 1900s, Mark has learned to emulate the art of old fashioned cinema by "doing what you can with what you got" and never giving up the pursuit of one's dreams. As a passionate communicator, natural born instructor, and creative storyteller, Mark enjoys assisting businesses and organizations in communicating their message clearly through cinematic visuals.

Senior Developer

Jesse Vista

Jesse Vista is talented developer that has founded or contributed to dozens of startups including BusRates, MoversReviewed, HeresChicago, Encoursa, and Code Green. Jesse is an intuitive problem solver knows what the UX team is asking of him before they finish their sentence. Aside from programming, Jesse also loves hunting, fishing and spending time with his family of five.

Design Director

Joe Morris

Joe Morris has truly mastered his field having designed for recognizeable names such as Holiday Inn, Tide, Draft Kings, Constant Contact and GM. Joe is as strong in marketing and UX as he is in design which makes him a master. Joe recently opened a co-working space called Left Right Boom, and was elected the VP of Public Relations for Toastmasters.

PR Director

Kathy Eber

Kathy Eber spent four years as a feature writer for a small newspaper, six in corporate marketing, and then five managing corporate MARCOM teams before joining Biveo. She is a true wordsmith and has also edits books for publishers. Kathy also donates her time as a board member to YouthBuild, and has her airplane pilot's license.

Director of Association Marketing

Mark Gedris

Mark Gedris has been in charge of membership marketing at six industry-leading associations based in the DC metro over his career including UTC, RBA, UMA, IPI, USAA, and most currently, vice president of marketing at Construction Managers Association of America. When Mark isn’t winning the hearts of North American businesses, he enjoys time with his family of four in Virginia.