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Service Process

These are the steps videographers should take when servicing a business customer.

  1. Review the emailed project. If you can't do the project, always respond to the customer letting them know you can't.

  2. Respond by email. Email your customer a quote that is something like this:

    Hi Mary,

    This is Mark Greer, business video production specialist. Thank you for contacting me about having a marketing video produced for your business. (my profile: www.biveo.com/markgreer.)

    For your 1 to 2 minute marketing video, I will provide:

    • The narration interview questions, and/or feedback on them
    • A list of the best shots of the business can come up with
    • Professional lighting where necessary
    • Professional XLR audio collection via shotgun mic
    • Commercial grade HD camera (frame rate 60, variable bit rate 5,000 - 10,000, codec H.264, resolution 720p, ratio 16x9)
    • Fluid head tripod and other equipment for panning
    • Narration Shoot (A-roll) with coaching
    • Shots of the business (B-roll)
    • Background music
    • Professional editing using Final Cut
    • A list of sites to place your video

    Your project will cost about $340, but less if we finish early, and more if more hours are requested ($40 per hour).

    At this point, I am available for the shoot this Thursday the 12th, or next week Tuesday the 17th or Wednesday the 18th.

    I can be reached 9am to 9pm at 555-123-1234, or reply by email.

    Mark Greer

  3. Use Biveo’s 6-Step Production Process. Reference Biveo's process to help you produce a more effective video, faster.

  4. The Video Release. have video release forms handy for people to sign just in case the business owner requests them. The ideal release form found here: www.biveo.com/doc/video-release.pdf.

  5. Deliver the Completed Video. Ask the customer if there are any edits they want done.

  6. Collect Payment at Time of Delivery.

  7. Add the Video to Your Biveo Portfolio Page. Email the video link to us at support@biveo.com, to have it added.

  8. End of Month Reports. Leads that you produce and get paid on are invoiced at $20 each at the end of the month.

Customer Service

Customer service is the most important thing to customers according to our surveys. Fanatical customer support is the reason companies like Rackspace are the best in their industry. Demonstrate your high customer service standards in your advertising message.

Be Prompt

  1. Always answer emails, phone calls, and return missed calls promptly.
  2. Always show up on time to shoots
  3. Always set up shoots and deliver the video as timely as practical

Be Prepared

  1. Make sure they have their copy of the interview questions before the shoot, and you bring your copy.
  2. Always bring the proper equipment, backup bulbs, memory, earphones
  3. Learn all of the best practices for video production, and apply to Biveo’s process

Be Professional

  1. Turn your cell phone off when with the client
  2. Always maintain a pleasant, and accommodative demeanor toward the customer
  3. Always choose the shots that best display the business
  4. Try to shoot all elements of the business on site

Be Accommodating

  1. Take a genuine interest in their business
  2. Be aware that most people are not comfortable in front of the camera
  3. Try to coach the customer to be sound good for A roll footage
  4. Only collect payment upon delivery and approval of the video
  5. Do not give customers any reason to regret having hired you

If a customer is not happy with the service due to:

Or any issue that the customer says can not be fixed by re-shooting and re-editing, and does not want to pay in full, you will allow the customer to cancel without a fee.

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