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  • "By 2017, online video will account for 69% of all consumer traffic" (Cisco VNI Study)
  • "Customers who view a video are 174% more likely to purchase a product reports" (Retail Touchpoints)
  • "Users who view video stay on a website an average of 2 minutes longer" (Comscore)
  • "Sites with video are 53x more likely than text to appear on the front page of Google." (Forrester Research)
  • "Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video" (VideoSherpa.com)

Truth: The more information you give customers about your business, the better for customers.

However, providing more information isn't always better for your business. It depends on:

  • The integrity of your business
  • The effectiveness of the message
  • Who you target
  • If the information is presented in a professional way

That's a lot of conditions! No wonder most businesses are shy about giving customers more information about their business, especially in the form of video.

But rather than let your customer assume you are something you are not, Biveo helps you realize there is nothing to be afraid of. For example, consider honestly communicating your weakness as a strength. The marketing weakness of being newer and smaller can be presented as having advantages: Less overhead which enables lower prices, and more direct owner control over quality and customer service.

Internet directories that add photos to listings, typically show an immediate increase in quote requests. In principle, more information is better. Nothing provides more information as efficiently as video. Adding a video to your online advertising will increases sales, and makes selling easier - when it is done right.

Biveo Helps You Produce a Great Business Video

  1. Directory of 1,100+ participating US business video producers for hire
  2. Directory of 500+ participating US Business video editors for remote hire
  3. Concise, 6-step production guide for businesses that can produce it themselves
  4. Diverse, categorized directory of over 3,200+ priced-out business video examples to inspire your video
  5. Scripts and storyboards based on marketing research for 18 industries

Where Biveo's 6-Step Process Saves You Time

If this is your first time producing an A-roll/B-roll video, these 6-steps will save you several hours.


Step 1: Script & Questions

Common Method
3 Hours
Using Biveo’s 6 Steps
5 Minutes
Hire a Listed Pro
0 Minutes

Step 2: Storyboard

Common Method
1 Hour
Using Biveo’s 6 Steps
10 Minutes
Hire a Listed Pro
0 Minutes

Step 3: Equipment

Common Method
30 Minutes
Using Biveo’s 6 Steps
30 Minutes
Hire a Listed Pro
0 Minutes


Step 4: Shooting

Narration Shoot
Common Method
45 Minutes
Using Biveo’s 6 Steps
30 Minutes
Hire a Listed Pro
15 Minutes
Business Action Shots
Common Method
45 Minutes
Using Biveo’s 6 Steps
30 Minutes
Hire a Listed Pro
0 Minutes


Step 5: Editing

Common Method
4 Hours
Using Biveo’s 6 Steps
3.25 Hours
Hire a Listed Pro
0 Minutes


Step 6: Placement

Common Method
It Depends/Varies
Using Biveo’s 6 Steps
It Depends/Varies
Hire a Listed Pro
It Depends/Varies

Total Production Time

Common Method
10 Hours
Using Biveo’s 6 Steps
5 Hours
Hire a Listed Pro
15 Minutes

Shoot it Yourself

What equipment, editing software and skills will I need?


  • A professional camera or high-end smartphone/tablet.
  • A professional microphone for narrated videos such as a quality lapel mic, shotgun mic or external recorder. You can typically rent a lapel mic, XLR conversion jack and transponder for about $15/day, but test the equipment before renting.
  • Additional lighting if necessary. You can often get around this, by having a large bright window at your back during the narration shoot.
  • A fluid-head tripod, or at least a stable stool to set the camera and manually pan.


  • Apple computers come with iMovie.
  • For PC users, in our experience, we had sound splicing flaws using Movie Maker, Therefore, we recommend buying Adobe Premier Elements for under $100.
  • Or hire a videographer to do the editing portion for you.


  • You'll need to know how to operate your equipment (camera, microphone).
  • You may need to watch a 1-2 hour editing software tutorial on YouTube.
  • You'll need to have a good marketing eye for pulling out the best footage.

Choosing a Listed Pro

Why Biveo's Directory of Videographers?

  • They specialize in producing business videos.
  • They have a portfolio of business videos they have produced.
  • Biveo provides them with ongoing industry-specific research findings to help them shoot more effective videos.
  • Biveo provides them with customer service guidelines.
  • Biveo provides them with sales and marketing guidance.

Basic-Level Production - What to Expect

  1. Your videographer will ask if you prefer interview or script for narration, and set on a shoot date.
  2. Clean your business location if necessary.
  3. The videographer spends about an hour on location shooting.
  4. Review the edited video usually next day and request any changes if necessary.
  5. Post your video to your website and social media.

Where Biveo Adds Value

  1. I don't have the time to produce a video.
    Biveo's tools and guidelines cut production time in half if you are shooting it yourself.
  2. I don't have the money to produce a video.
    Biveo enables you to avoid the cost of hiring someone, or you can hire someone for less. And an effective video will increase your sales.
  3. I don't know what content I would put in my video or where to start.
    Biveo provides research-based interview questions and script templates, as well as storyboard templates to best help and inform customers of your service.
  4. I'm not sure having a video will increase sales.
    Video instantly shows customers that you are established and legitimate. "Customers who view a video are 174% more likely to purchase a product reports." (Retail Touchpoints) "Sites with video are 53x more likely than text to appear on the front page of Google." (Forrester Research)
  5. I'm worried my business's weaknesses will be exposed on video.
    Whatever you perceive as a weakness can be presented as a strength. Older equipment, working out of your home, smaller company size, can all be used to accentuate strengths, such as lower rates and more control over quality. Proactively speaking about your company's limitations builds trust and respect with customers and increases sales as demonstrated in the classic marketing book, Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.
  6. I am nervous about appearing on camera.
    Anxiety from being on camera is natural. To ease anxiety, know that:
    • You will not be looking into the camera lens, rather, you will be having a conversation with the camera person.
    • Most of the narration shoot will only be used as background audio, not visual.
    • Only the best footage will be selected when editing.
    • You can always reshoot a scene you don't like.
    • You can move the narration shoot to a more private room.

    If you do not think you will make a good representative, or don't want to appear on camera, you can:
    • Just record the sound with the camera or voice recorder.
    • Have a manager or employee take your place.
    • Produce your video without narration.


  1. Can I shoot my own overview video with my smart phone?
    Partially. Smart phones produce professional picture quality so long as you have enough memory and there are no programs running in the background slowing down the processor. Reboot your device before shooting to reduce the possibility of processor lag. You'll also need to rent a lapel mic for pro sound, potentially set up additional lighting, and use a tripod for stability and smooth panning. ­
  2. How does Biveo work?
    Biveo is a free create-it-yourself guide, and directory of business video specialists for hire. Videographers for hire are given recommended pricing, but can customize to your unique needs, and their unique service level.
  3. What if the production requires multiple visits and edits?
    Some businesses require a second location when shooting, and some require a return visit when the business is operating with customers. It can cost more, and take longer to produce a video.
  4. If my competitor uses Biveo's 6-steps, will our videos look the same?
    No, every business has its own unique character. You'll fit Biveo's template to highlight your unique strengths.
  5. What if I want to take my video in a more creative direction?
    Use Biveo to get ideas and understand what information best accommodates customers. Most videographers are able to provide custom videos.
  6. How much does it cost to view Biveo’s 6-step produce-it-yourself guide?
    Nothing, it's free.
  7. If I hire a video producer, when do I pay?
    It varies depending by video producer.
  8. When a hired videograher completes my video, who do I pay?
    Pay the videographer directly. Biveo is not a middleman.
  9. Can I hire a videographer to do only editing or only the shoot?
    Yes, just communicate this in your service request.
  10. How long will it take to have a completed overview video if I hire a videographer?
    It varies and depends, but as little as one day after the shoot.
  11. What level of quality will my video be shot in?
    It varies depending on who you choose to hire.
  12. What format will the video be delivered in?
    Formats can vary. It will be supported by popular video hosts such as Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.
  13. Will my shoot disturb the customers at my business?
    Most people are OK with being captured on video. You can have people sign a video release, but sometimes it's just more practical to ask for forgiveness than permission!
  14. How do videographers choose the background music for my video?
    If your video requires music, most videographers use a database of royalty-free commercial music. However, many videos will perform better without background music. Sometimes music can make your footage feel more like a commercial rather than a video of helpful information.
  15. What can I do about a business owner who is nervous about speaking while being filmed?
    You can just record the sound of the vocal narration, and not film the speaker. The owner could simply read a script instead of answer questions. You could have a company representative take the owner's place. You may want to at least shoot one scene where the owner states "My name is John Smith and I am the owner of Smith Bakery, and I look forward to serving you" to be placed at the end of the video. Or you could exclude narration completely and just have background music.
  16. What does it mean when videographers talk about the" A-roll" and" B-roll"?
    The "A-roll" is the narration footage. The "A-roll" usually requires professional sound and lighting. The "B-roll" is footage of your business in action that will get edited over top of most of your background narration "A-roll".