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Recommended Process:

  1. Review marketing research: What customers want in a small business video for your industry. Marketing Research.
  2. Shoot your footage for the video editor by pulling ideas from the Step 1 Narration and Step 2 Storyboard tips.
  3. Confirm project details with editor: Message, purpose, length, effects, background music, completion date, estimated hours, hourly rate, etc.
  4. Send your footage to the video editor (using a service like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.).
  5. Review completed video and request any changes.
  6. Add your video to your directory advertising, website, social media and emails.

How long should my video be?

We asked customers what a video time length should be limited to. Below are the averages of their responses.

Real Estate Agents 142 seconds (2:22)
Fitness Centers 119 seconds (1:59)
Healthcare (Using Dentists) 105 seconds (1:45)
Entertainment Facilities 105 seconds (1:45)
Videographers 102 seconds (1:42)
Hotels 83 seconds (1:23)
Moving Companies 82 seconds (1:22)
Home & Office Services 78 seconds (1:18)
Auto Repair Shops 72 seconds (1:12)
Hair Salons & Barber Shops 70 seconds (1:10)
Service Stores (Dry Cleaners) 68 seconds (1:08)
Restaurants & Bars 61 seconds (1:01)
Retail Shops 60 seconds (1:00)
Professional Services (Coming soon)
Entertainers for Hire (Coming soon)
Charter Bus Companies (Coming soon)
Small Businesses Overall Avg. 90 seconds (1:30)

Should the owner narrate?

We asked customers if they prefer the video be narrated by the owner. Below are the survey results of those in favor and then against. ("indifferent" not shown.)

Real Estate Agents 86% (4% do not)
Auto Repair Shops 64% (7% do not)
Moving Companies 62% (14% do not)
Home & Office Services 60% (12% do not)
Videographers 58% (8% do not)
Hair Salons & Barber Shops 51% (19% do not)
Healthcare (Using Dentists) 49% (12% do not)
Service Stores (Dry Cleaners) 46% (16% do not)
Entertainment Facilities 45% (22% do not)
Fitness Centers 43% (15% do not)
Restaurants & Bars 30% (20% do not)
Retail Shops 23% (34% do not)
Hotels 14% (37% do not)
Professional Services (Coming soon)
Entertainers for Hire (Coming soon)
Charter Bus Companies (Coming soon)
Small Businesses Overall Avg. 49% (17% do not)