The 6-Step Process

Step 6: Placement


Where to Place Your New Business Video

1. Upload your video to a host.

Upload your video to a host like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. YouTube to get found, and Vimeo or Wistia to eliminate other suggested videos at the end that could pull your customers away from your site. Some additional hosts include WeVideo, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and Vidlet.

2. Add your video to your advertising.

This is the main reason for producing an overview video. It can be even more important than adding your video to your website and social media.

  1. Google My Business Videos are beginning to come up in search results when customers search for businesses.
  2. Sometimes overpriced, but worth evaluating­ especially for restaurants.
  3. A reasonably­priced directory worth evaluating.
  4. Often overpriced, but worth evaluating.
  5. Free for businesses to list as consumers pay to view you.
  6. A searchable directory that you can pay to advertise in.
  7. Free with paid options.
  8. Free with paid options.
  9. Use search engines to find many more.

Beware of sites that act as a middleman and post your ad through a network of third party sites such as CitySearch. Paid clicks through these sites are inflated and of low quality in our experience. Be wary of sites that have claim to receive more traffic than they really do. You can check traffic estimates at

3. Add your video to your website.

Ask your web developer to add your video link or embed code to your website.

4. Add your video to industry-specific directories.

  1. Use search engines to find directories specific to your industry (Opentable for restaurants, HomeAdvisor for contractors...).
  2. Association Directories (Example: for roofers)
  3. Manufacturer Directories (­contractor)
  4. CVB, City, Union and other public sector directories
  5. Craigslist Services, or Other For Sale Classifieds
  6. Local News Classifieds and Directories
  7. Sponsor Events, Clubs and Local Groups

5. Add your video to social media.

  1. Facebook. Set up a free profile and consider paid advertising.
  2. Your business's YouTube channel.
  3. Twitter. Set up a free profile and consider promoted tweets.
  4. Google Plus.
  5. Linkedin. And Linkedin Pulse.
  6. Pinterest. (Posting your ideas for projects, events or purchases can act as free advertising)
  7. Tumblr. (Blogs)

6. Include your Video in an Email Marketing Campaign.

  1. Existing Customer List. Using services like Mail Chimp, email your customers a promotion that includes your video.
  2. Paid Email Services. Approach industry associations or advertising sites and pay them to email your promotion and video to their client list.

7. Include your video in PR.

  1. Press Releases. Only if you have something genuinely newsworthy to say that warrant a press release, including your video in your release to a wire service can be a good idea( free to$ 1000). This is ideal for say a grand opening, going­out­of­business sale, event or ownership change change.
  2. Articles. Write and submit an article to news publishers that is helpful to consumers

8. Pay to Promote Your Video if Appropriate

If your video is interesting to a certain market, it could be appropriate to promote your video to a network of publisher sites.

  1. TubeMogul
  2. YouTube
  3. Metacafe
  4. DailyMotion
  5. Yahoo

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Step 6: Placement