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Biveo receives its clients by educating the members of small business associations, like AMSA, UMA and NFIB, on the benefits of having a marketing video. Most referred clients will be small businesses that need a marketing video such as restaurants, hair salons, contractors, auto repair shops etc. Corporate, TV commercial, and animation referrals are also avaliable to willing and qualified videographers.

  • Biveo is not a broker - work with, and get paid directly from the client.
  • There is no cost to sign up.
  • Referral fees are only invoiced on projects you complete and get paid for ($30).
  • If you never produce any videos, never pay anything.
  • There are no other fees.

Biveo recommends offering an affordable video option that can be produced in about 5 hours. A concise video that introduces the owner while showing the staff, equipment, vehicles and building is often all that is needed to help a customer feel confident in hiring a business.

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Use Biveo's 6-step process to produce your own marketing video in under 5 hours: Step 1 - Video Production Photography
i.e. 1-minute small business video (produced in 1 day)
i.e. 1000
i.e. 1-minute small business video (produced in 1 day)
i.e. 1000
i.e. 1-minute small business video (produced in 1 day)
i.e. 1000
i.e. 1-minute small business video (produced in 1 day)
i.e. 1000
i.e. 1-minute small business video (produced in 1 day)
i.e. 1000
i.e. 1-minute small business video (produced in 1 day)
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What kind of business volume can I expect?
We aim for volume that is roughly around one new client per week. You can approach local businesses on your own with your Biveo profile page to fill up your schedule.

How does Biveo Advertise?
Biveo primarily advertises with small business trade associations. For example, we would pay to advertise on the American Moving and Storage Association website or newsletter while requesting PR by asking the AMSA to recommend Biveo to movers at their conventions and various marketing seminars. Biveo advertises nationally where it wouldn't be practical for a local business.

What if I want to grow and have employee, or subcontractor videographers?
You can list them individually, or all together as one company. Subctracting outside of your supervision introduces an element of loss of quality control and is discouraged.

What if the customer wants something custom?
Absolutely! Videographers are not required to adhere to Biveo's 6-step process recommendations.

What if my customer does not pay?
Biveo will waive your referral fee if no payment can be collected, and help in the collection process if we can, Biveo does work like the yellow pages however, and does not act as a middleman.

I know Biveo offers a shoot-it-yourself option, what portion of visitors choose to hire a pro as opposed to creating it themselves?
Most business owners falsely assume that it's easy to produce a video. It isn't until they see all the steps broken down do they realize the value of hiring a pro. In our user sessions, a majority start out wanting to create it themselves, but then change to hiring a pro after reviewing the steps.

What obligations am I under as a Biveographer?
Just make an honest effort. We do remove videographers that provide poor service. View recommended customer service policies here:

What are the requirements to be approved?
1. You understand good customer policy. 2. You are in the process of producing a marketing video of your own service for your listing and profile page. 3. Equipment quality levels are commercial grade. 4. Quality skill level is demonstrated in past work.

Who owns the rights to the videos? Can I post them on my company web site once they are done?
Usually your client owns the rights, but the client also wants their video promoted wherever possible, so yes, you should be able to post them on your site. Biveo holds no rights. Video rights are between you and your client, but typically a contractor's work becomes property of the client.

If the same customer contacts me directly for a second video is there a problem with that?
No problem. Biveo is not a broker. We encourage clients to skip the middleman and work with you directly. We have come to understand that charging videographers 10% to 20% commissions is robbery.

Do you have a music library for us to use?
Biveo does not produce videos for clients. We specialize in trade association marketing. Think of Biveo as a yellowpages that only charges you if you get paying clients. We do recommend music sources on the Step 5 Editing page however.

Additional questions? Contact phone: 616-414-9021 M-F 9am to 5pm EST.