Midnight Snacks

Business Video Producer
Denver, CO

Based out of Denver, these two night owls produce motion graphics, 3D animation, and compositing / retouching. Working for clients all over the country from the comfort of their home allows them to immerse themselves in work during late-night hours at the peak of their creativity. Their work has been seen at trade shows, on-line, and on broadcast networks for clients such as Amex, BMW, Verizon, Disney and The Economist.
Cost depends on the animation complexity desired.

Small Business
Small Bus. Cinematic
Real Estate
Marketing Services
Editing Only
TV Commercial
Events/Live Stream

Phone: 925-2SNACKS

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Video helps your customers....

  • See that your business is established, legitimate
  • See that your business fills their need
  • Visualize doing business with you
  • Feel confident hiring you

Video helps your business....

  • Attract new customers
  • Spend last time selling
  • Charge the full value

Video best helps when added to....

  • Directories you advertise on
  • Your website home page
  • Social media
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