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National, US

Platypus Media, Advertising & Design serves the entire US with experienced, vetted video production talent that specialize in producing marketing videos for small businesses. Superior customer service, predicting trends and staying on top of best practices, and creative, passionate people are what drive our company to the next level. We educate our clients, use our expertise to help tell their story, and build their brand to compete online.

Small Business
Small Bus. Cinematic
Real Estate
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Video helps your customers....

  • See that your business is established, legitimate
  • See that your business fills their need
  • Visualize doing business with you
  • Feel confident hiring you

Video helps your business....

  • Attract new customers
  • Spend last time selling
  • Charge the full value

Video best helps when added to....

  • Directories you advertise on
  • Your website home page
  • Social media
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