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What Should Your Contractor Video Include?

Before you begin writing a script or planning your shots to produce a primary video that introduces your service to clients, review the following marketing research findings. (Collected 2/8/18 to 4/26/18).

Maximum Video Length Average: 78 seconds

Video Element Recommended? Want Indifferent Do Not Want
Owner Narration Yes 60% 28% 12%
Animated Logo Intro No 10% 58% 32%
Background Music No 23% 45% 32%
Employees Working Yes 69% 16% 15%
Truck & Equipment Yes 46% 34% 19%
Office Headquarters Yes 27% 49% 24%
Salesman with Customers No 27% 40% 33%
A Funny Skit No 6% 31% 63%
Pricing/Deals Depends 78% 12% 10%

Industry Overview:

It seems that every consumer at least knows someone who had a bad experience working with a contractor. Customers want proof your business is reputable. They want unbiased, authentic footage, past-job-before-and-afters and verifiable references. 87% of customers said they would use the internet to find a local service. 35% of people said they would not watch a video before choosing a home service. On the flip side, 63% of consumers say they would watch a video if curious and have a need.

Things that Improve Customer Interest:

  1. References, reviews, BBB (locally verifiable, known) 18%
  2. Employees in action are professional (in appearance/attire or conduct) 13%
  3. Concise, clear, substantive information provided, focus on service, facts, what to expect 12%
  4. Experienced, knowledgeable, years in business, certified, award-winning 9%
  5. Price is affordable 9%
  6. Authentic footage - Real footage of real employees doing real jobs or solving real problems 8%
  7. Professional communication/narration, (confident 2, calm 1, mature 1, expert-like 1) 8%
  8. Honest, straightforward, trustworthy, candor, full disclosure 6%
  9. Pricing is provided, upfront with 5%
  10. Friendly, cheerful staff 5%
  11. Before and after of real customers, case studies 4%
  12. Local, close in proximity 4%
  13. Good customer service 3%
  14. Clean truck, equipment 3%
  15. Guarantee of quality service 3%
  16. Video is well-produced 3%
  17. Operation appears organized or efficient 2%
  18. Service appears to fit my needs 2%
  19. Proof the business is great/delivers quality 2%
  20. Appears detail-oriented 1%
  21. Customer satisfaction stats 1%
  22. Insured 1%
  23. Calming colors 1%

Things that Scare Customers Away:

  1. Not authentic (Staged, use of actors, overproduced, too flashy, hyped, overly enthusiastic, trying too hard) 11%
  2. Exaggeration, lack of forthright honesty, unbelievable claims 11%
  3. Not concise, not substantive, too vague, unnecessary comments, unclear, video too long 11%
  4. Unprofessional appearance of employees (dirty attire, tattoos, sketchy, uneducated) 11%
  5. Price is too high 9%
  6. Corny, cheesy, gimmicky, use of costumes, annoying 7%
  7. Lack of ballpark price or price range, ambiguous pricing 6%
  8. Vehicle or equipment not kept up 6%
  9. Unprofessional narration (bad grammar, slang, joking) 5%
  10. Poor video production (poor lighting, sound, camera work, text typos) 5%
  11. Aggressive, demanding, pushy sales pitch 3%
  12. Only showing the positives, biased, unverifiable 3%
  13. Signs of poor customer service 2%
  14. Not known in community, lack of credibility 2%
  15. Does not appear to have enough experience 1%
  16. Appears disorganized 1%
  17. Niche does not fit needs 1%
  18. Not bonded 1%
  19. No location provided 1%
  20. Proximity too far 1%
  21. Use of non-eco chemicals 1%
  22. Loud noises or loud music 1%
  23. Limited hours 1%
  24. Bashing competition 1%
  25. Political message 1%
  26. Video has YouTube popup ads 1%
  27. Overall bad impression 1%

General Advice

32% of consumers said they would not watch a small business video online. The 4 most popular reasons they gave were that videos are…

  • Biased, exaggerated, overproduced, flashy, only showing the business in the best light, not a true representation
  • Cheesy, dated, gimmicky and annoying
  • Too long, too slow, failing to get to the point, not concise, clear, rambling
  • Fail to provide the needed information, waste of time, adds no value, only necessary for visual products/services

On the flip side, 68% of consumers surveyed say they would watch a video before choosing a small business. Some of the top things consumers are hoping to see in a video are…

  • Real footage, true representation, authentic, honest, not overproduced
  • Message is concise, clear, short and to the point
  • Full footage and information provided, nothing is left out
  • Message is calm and sincere, not pushy or aggressive
  • Does not try to entertain

Many consumers said they would rather watch a video review from an unbiased third party than to watch a video from the business itself. Small business owners tend to want to show only the best aspects of the business in the best light. It may feel counter-intuitive, but including the business's shortcomings demonstrates honesty and earns customers.

Review over 80 home and office service (contractor) marketing video examples here: Home & Office Service Video Examples.


  1. Produce It Yourself
  2. Shoot Your Own Footage, Hire a Video Editor.
  3. Hire a Pro (See what pros charge in your area)

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Step 1: Narration: Contractor Video Script versus Interview Questions
Step 2: Storyboard
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Step 4: How to Shoot Your Business Video
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