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What Should Your Retail Store Video Include?

Before you begin writing a script or planning your shots to produce a primary video that introduces your store to clients, review the following marketing research findings. (Collected 2/8/18 to 4/26/18).

Maximum Video Length Average: 60 seconds

Video Element Recommended? Want Indifferent Do Not Want
Owner Narration No 23% 43% 34%
Animated Logo Intro No 11% 38% 51%
Background Music Yes, If Good 34% 39% 27%
Inside Selection Yes 70% 21% 9%
Building & Surroundings Yes 32% 44% 23%
A Funny Skit No 6% 31% 63%
Pricing/Deals Depends 81% 12% 7%

Industry Overview:

Price and selection are the biggest factors for most consumers that are seeking a retail store online. Only 2% of the people we surveyed said they would not use the internet to find and choose a retail store. 13% of people surveyed say they shop at 0 retail stores per month. 63% of consumers say they would watch a video if curious and have a need.

Things that Improve Customer Interest:

  1. Good prices, clear prices/price ranges, upcoming sales, giveaways, clearance (comparison price provided) 35%
  2. If they sell what I am looking for 19%
  3. Video shows the products (most popular or tour of all departments) 12%
  4. Video provides desired information (product details, why the products are a good value, how their store is different, warranty, events, hours, stock) 11%
  5. Store is clean, organized, professional-looking 8%
  6. Video is clear/concise/well-presented/not too long 7%
  7. Welcoming, friendly, sincere, honest, narrative from representative/staff 7%
  8. Calm narrative or calm feel to video 5%
  9. Seeing a product that sparks new interest 5%
  10. Good/safe neighborhood 4%
  11. Social mission, charity, meaningful mission statement 4%
  12. Store has a large selection 3%
  13. Ample/easy parking (especially in downtown areas) 3%
  14. Appropriate/good background music 3%
  15. Production quality is good/bright photography 3%
  16. They carry products not found anywhere else/most specialized 3%
  17. Authentic footage and not posed or over-acted 2%
  18. Customer reviews - not just the good ones 2%
  19. Shows expertise in product area 1%
  20. Close in proximity 1%
  21. Owner is passionate about what they do and sell 1%
  22. Store’s commitment to quality is communicated 1%
  23. Store is actively engaged in community 1%
  24. Store is a small mom and pop 1%
  25. Products are natural or organic 1%
  26. After-sale services provided 1%
  27. Staff available for questions 1%
  28. Does not speak down to you 1%
  29. A political message that aligns with your beliefs 1%
  30. Sex appeal - sex sells 1%
  31. Comedy 1%

Things that Scare Customers Away:

  1. High prices (no sale going on) 14%
  2. Pushy, aggressive, exaggerated sales message, too much plugging store name 13%
  3. Cheesy skit/gimmicky/corny/stale humor 13%
  4. Loud and obnoxious (garish colors; annoying or loud music) 13%
  5. Fails to be clear and concise, too long, does not add up 11%
  6. Poor production quality (resolution, audio, shot composition, concept - low effort) 10%
  7. Fails to be authentic, honest, trying too hard (overhyped, appears scripted or too showy, having a "professional's" opinion stated when it's just an actor) 10%
  8. Shabby appearance of store (dirty, cluttered, unorganized, industrial) 8%
  9. If the product line does not match my preference 8%
  10. Fails to provide useful information 5%
  11. Bad neighborhood 4%
  12. Proximity too far 2%
  13. Pretentious/arrogant 2%
  14. Fails to show footage of products 2%
  15. Speaking owner is annoying 2%
  16. Appears to align with opposing political beliefs 2%
  17. Unprofessional or unlikeable staff 2%
  18. Store is too crowded 2%
  19. Store is empty of customers 1%
  20. Fails to give info about pricing 1%
  21. If it seems to cater mainly to big brands 1%
  22. Video strings viewer along not answering its own question/manipulative 1%
  23. Impersonal feel 1%
  24. Unappealing aesthetic 1%
  25. Video is too short (not learning what I need) 1%
  26. Store hours are too short 1%
  27. Stuffy corporate speak 1%
  28. Speaks to customer as if they are not intelligent 1%
  29. The presence of video itself 1%
  30. Gross subject matter 1%

General Advice

32% of consumers said they would not watch a small business video online. The 4 most popular reasons they gave were that videos are…

  • Biased, exaggerated, overproduced, flashy, only showing the business in the best light, not a true representation
  • Cheesy, dated, gimmicky and annoying
  • Too long, too slow, failing to get to the point, not concise, clear, rambling
  • Fail to provide the needed information, waste of time, adds no value, only necessary for visual products/services

On the flip side, 68% of consumers surveyed say they would watch a video before choosing a small business. Some of the top things consumers are hoping to see in a video are…

  • Real footage, true representation, authentic, honest, not overproduced
  • Message is concise, clear, short and to the point
  • Full footage and information provided, nothing is left out
  • Message is calm and sincere, not pushy or aggressive
  • Does not try to entertain

Many consumers said they would rather watch a video review from an unbiased third party than to watch a video from the business itself. Smal business owners tend to want to show only the best aspects of the business in the best light. It may feel counter-intuitive, but including the business's shortcomings demonstrates honesty and earns customers.

Review over 100 retail store marketing video examples here: Retail Store Video Examples.


  1. Produce It Yourself
  2. Shoot Your Own Footage, Hire a Video Editor.
  3. Hire a Pro (See what pros charge in your area)

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Step 1: Narration: Retail Store Script versus Interview Questions
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