The 6-Step Process

Step 1: Narration


Step 1. The content of your business video can be greatly improved when it is based on marketing research. Biveo has conduced marketing research surveys for each industry. Your industry's survey results link can be found under the industry headline below. Also below is a list of interview questions and script template. Modify as needed. Scripts are more concise. Interviews are more natural and require less preparation.

Interview Approach

What to Do: Choose the questions that best suit your small business.

How it Works: The videographer asks the narrator the questions as if in an interview. The spoken questions, as well as "um"s and pauses are edited out later.

Service Stores

Dry Cleaners, Tech Repair Shops, Memorial Services, Car Washes

Service Store Survey Results (using dry cleaners): 46% of customers want owner narration in the video; 38% are indifferent; 16% do not want narration in the video.
Service Store Video Length Limit Average (using dry cleaners): 68 seconds (1:08)

Below are's best suggested interview questions.

Interview Questions

  • How would you describe your service in one sentence (maybe include when it was established and what area you serve)?
  • Smith’s Dry Cleaning opened in 2008 to provide a convenient dry cleaning services to the residents of Apple Village.
  • What services do you provide?
  • Aside from dry-cleaning, Smith’s Dry Cleaning provides hemming, tailoring, zipper repair, laundry washing by the pound.
  • Is your service different from other similar services?
  • Smith’s is different in that we are more reliable than average, closer by proximity and lower in cost versus the national average.
  • What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned while providing your service that helps you better service your customers?
  • One of the most important things we’ve learned while providing our service is to stay organized We have a fail-safe system that makes it impossible for things to get lost.
  • What experience does your staff bring for customers?
  • Our staff features a professional taylor, seamstress and customer service reps with at least 5 years of experience.
  • How would you describe your customer service? (Knowledgeable, responsive, flexible, accommodating)
  • We will pay for any item that gets lost, no questions asked. If you aren’t happy with the result, you do not have to pay.
  • How does the service process work for new customers?
  • We can usually have your garments ready by the third business day after drop off.
  • What is a philosophy or key to success you live by related to your area of expertise?
  • Technique is obviously important, but the most common complaint of dry cleaners is the misplacement of items. We use a fool proof system for making sure garments do not get lost.
  • Share some helpful advice.
  • If you happen to stain a garment, bring it in as soon as possible, point it out to the clerk, and we will complete that item first. Time is of the essence with stains.
  • Invite customers to do business with you.
  • Come see us and let us handle your dry cleaning needs!

Optional Questions

  • How do you receive most of your customers?
  • How busy does your location get?
  • How did the business find its beginnings?
  • What is one of your proudest achievements of your business?
  • What do you love about your job?
  • Do you have any special tech or equipment that is not commonly used?
  • What kind of relevant experience or training do you have in your field?

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Things the Videographer Says to the Narrator Before the Shoot

Getting your business owner comfortable in front of the camera is one of the most important aspects of your video. Studies show that how you say it is more important than what you say. You want your subject to come across as relaxed, happy, confident, approachable, enthusiastic and eloquent. Move the camera back. Try to make the process fun for them. Shots of the subject smiling and laughing will be among your best shots. Show interest in what they are doing. Stay positive with yout feedback. Have them do an over the top take to help boost their enthusiasm if needed. Reference 10 Techniques for Getting Your Subject Comfortable in Front of the Camera.

  1. Speaking on camera is easy. If you have experience speaking face to face at work, it will a breeze to look good on camera. And for any reason you don’t like the way you look, we can just use the audio.
  2. There is no reason to be nervous. Most of what we are shooting will only be used for the audio as shots of your business will be shown while you speak in the background.
  3. This should only take about 20 minutes, but there's no hurry. We can redo it until we get you looking your best.
  4. Look at the camera person, not the camera lens. Imagine you’re having a conversation. Or if your marketing calls for a script that is geared toward speaking directly to your customer, and warrants looking directly into the camera, look past the lens. Visualize your audience.
  5. Answer interview questions off the top of your head. (If you are reciting a prewritten answer, or using the modified script approach, try to recite the lines to sound as if you are answering the questions off the top of your head.)
  6. Your first take is often your best take because it is the most natural. So if you make a mistake, or "um" or pause, just keep going as these can be edited out.
  7. While answering, if you think of a side point, talk about it even though it wasn't asked. It is good to go off on a tangent.
  8. Include the question in the answer. For example, if asked, "How long have you been in business?", instead of answering "6 years”, answer "Smith Roofing has been in business for 6 years."

After the interview is complete, watch parts of it back, and show the client how they are coming across. This will help them do it again with more confidence and enthusiasm.

Modified Script Approach

For tighter control, and more thorough analysis of your business's strengths while still sounding conversational, use this modified script approach.

What to do: Use the following script as a starting point to develop a custom Insert your company's information and philosophy into the following script template. Keep what works, remove what doesn't. There is about 2 minutes of script below, most videos only need to be about 1:15.

How it works: The narrator recites the script one sentence at a time as if speaking to an interviewer, repeating each sentence until it sounds natural.

Script Template

Service Store Survey Results (using dry cleaners): 46% of customers want owner narration in the video; 38% are indifferent; 16% do not want narration in the video.
Service Store Video Length Limit Average (using dry cleaners): 68 seconds (1:08)

[Who You Are/Your Expertise]
[Smith’s Dry Cleaning] opened in [2008] to provide a convenient [dry cleaning service] to the residents of [Apple Village]. Aside from [dry-cleaning], [Smith’s Dry Cleaning] provides [hemming, tailoring, zipper repair, laundry washing by the pound]. [Smith’s] is different in that we are more reliable than average, closer by proximity and lower in cost versus the national average. [a key philosophy you live by:] The key to delivering a great service is to have a fool-proof system for staying organized while implementing the latest techniques. For the past [three years] we have been learning:

  • What are the best new ways to dry clean for cleanliness, texture and scent
  • What are the best management techniques for reducing turnaround time
  • What are some of the great new products for repairing clothing from buttons to zippers
[Talk About Benefits:]
Dry-cleaning as opposed to washing will extend the life of your clothing by 50%. There is very little wear and tear on clothing throughout the dry cleaning process, so sometimes it is a good idea to dry clean things that don’t require it.

[Your Technique]
A lot of dry cleaners will give you back your clothes smelling slightly musty. This is due to overuse of the machinery. We keep our equipment new and your clothes smelling fresh.

[Service Process] At the end of the day, clothes are picked up from our locations and taken to our work center. All items submitted are cleaned that next day, and then delivered back to the location that evening Each garment goes through 3 phases and maintains a tag to keep it accountable, and prevents it from being misplaced. 

[Share Some Expert Advice] Bring stained items in as soon as possible. Try not to crumple your dirty clothes, lay them flat as this will extend their life.

May name is [First Lastname] and I hope you choose us for your dry cleaning needs.

Top 6 Script Content Tips

  1. Focus on the honest facts. Instead of saying "We are the best", try to give specifics such as, "We were recognized for providing great customer service by...", or "We performed serviced over 400 customers in 2015", or "Our staff is trained and certified by...".
  2. Good customer service is the most important thing to most customers. Demonstrate your level of customer service in your video. (Responsive, Accommodating, Knowledgeable, Flexible)
  3. Focus on the facts that show how you are different from other services. What is your niche?
  4. Demonstrate Candor. Do not try to portray your company any differently than how it truly is, and don't hide what your company truly offers. Use negatives to your advantage. For example, older equipment has the advantage of showing lower overhead and lower cost to the customer. What you think may be a negative can actually be a positive. Just be honest.
  5. Understand your niche and target your market accordingly. A portion of customers shop for the lowest price, a portion shop for the highest quality service. Charge fairly for the level of service you offer. Do not try to charge large corporation rates if you are a small local business. Do not drop your price to bargain hunters. Accept that you cannot win every customer that contacts you.
  6. If you are set on presenting your business by telling a story, be careful not to be self-congratulatory. Instead, focus on how your story benefits the customer.

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Step 1: Narration