If you run a hair salon or barber shop, having a video along side your advertisements can attract new clients, but if done poorly it can also scare customers away. What things attract new hair clients and what things cause them to shy away? We asked 105 people to share their opinion.

41% of consumers said they would not watch a hair salon video. This percentage is partly because 20% would not search the internet to find a hair salon. 10% of people do not use hair salons. For the 20% of consumers that would search the internet but not watch a video, they say videos fail to be short, concise and to the point as well as an honest, authentic, complete representation. 59% of consumers who say they would consider watching a video if unfamiliar and curious.

When it comes to video length, people are less likely to click on a hair salon video that is too long for their preference. Longer time lengths are a sign that the video may not be concise. When we asked "What length of time should a hair salon video be limited to?", here are the results:

  1. 1 minute: 33%
  2. 30 seconds: 22%
  3. 2 minutes: 18%
  4. 15 seconds: 11%
  5. 90 seconds: 9%
  6. No limit: 4%

Typically, the more expensive a product or service, the longer customers are willing to watch. In my own observation, customers in browsing mode, incuding myself, seem to lose interest around 40 seconds.

When asked "What things in a video would excite you to try the hair salon?", the first 1 to 3 things that came to their mind were:

  1. Smiling customers showing new hair style (before and after, testimonials) 22%
  2. Good prices, deals 17%
  3. Style/niche/demographic fits my needs 16%
  4. Highly skilled, experienced stylists 15%
  5. Clean, organized studio 13%
  6. Appealing decor (layout, colors) 11%
  7. Happy, friendly, welcoming staff 11%
  8. Positive atmosphere or vibe 9%
  9. Extra services (coloring, massage) 6%
  10. Location (close, nice area) 5%
  11. Great products and utensils 4%
  12. Serves alcohol 4%
  13. Quiet 1%
  14. Simplicity 1%
  15. Appealing shampoo and conditioner used 1%
  16. Emphasis on detail 1%
  17. Waiting area has entertainment 1%

When asked "What things in a video would cause you to shy away from trying the hair salon?", the first 1 to 3 things that came to their mind were:

  1. Style, niche, services do not fit their need 30%
  2. Unclean or unorganized studio 22%
  3. Overpriced 12%
  4. Bad location 6%
  5. Unprofessional staff (unqualified or unfriendly) 6%
  6. Unappealing atmosphere (cold, unwelcoming, chaotic) 5%
  7. Poor narrative from owner (pushy, offensive, rambling) 4%
  8. Too busy (crowded, people waiting, long wait time) 4%
  9. Lack of parking 4%
  10. If video did not show enough of the business (lack of info) 3%
  11. Loud or poor background music 3%
  12. Too much talking in the video 2%
  13. Popup ads in the video 2%
  14. Low service quality 2%
  15. Shabby or dilapidated building 2%
  16. Dogs 1%
  17. Salon is empty 1%
  18. Non-eco chemicals used 1%
  19. Unorganized video 1%
  20. If the video shows actors instead of real people 1%

We asked consumers if a hair salon video should include these 9 features:

  • 83% want pricing (8% indifferent; 9% do not want)
  • 80% want featured services (9% indifferent, 11% do not want)
  • 70% want a view of the inside (21% indifferent, 9% do not want)
  • 63% want before and after hairstyles (22% indifferent; 15% do not want)
  • 62% want to see the hairstylists (27% indifferent, 11% do not want)
  • 56% want the building and parking (27% indifferent, 17% do not want)
  • 51% want the owner describing their service in the background (28% indifferent; 19% do not want)
  • 30% want a graphic company logo (48% indifferent, 22% do not want)
  • 21% want background music (49% indifferent; 30% do not want)
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