When it comes to producing a marketing video for your business, one approach will yield better marketing results than another. This applies to all elements of the video: script message, delivery of script, shot selection/approach, equipment choices, camera work and editing. Here are the recommended steps for producing the most compelling marketing video you can for under $500.

  1. Review examples of other completed marketing videos. A videographer specialist can take your project and run with it, but the more you get involved, the better your project will be. Start getting a general idea of what your video can cover by looking at some of the videos that are already out there. Make note of anything that might compel you if you were a customer. You can view a directory of 2500 plus example marketing videos searchable by industry at https://biveo.com/video-directory.
  2. Capture footage of business highlights with your smartphone. It's not practical to have a videographer go out to several locations only to capture one scene at each. Because this B-roll footage does not require audio, and the picture quality is typically 4K or better, try to collect before and after footage of your workmanship, your business busy with happy customers, or maybe your crew on a job site. Shoot these yourself and provide the footage to your videog editor. They will add a lot of marketing substance to your video. Remember to hold the camera very steady and in landscape, not portrait position. Slow panning or other movement is good, but keep it steady.
  3. Review script options. Two script options you have are (a) interview style questions which generally yield natural narration without preparation, or (b) a concise script that can be recited conversationally, one sentence at a time, during the shoot. The script option will be more concise and take less time to edit, but it can be more difficult for the narrator to come across naturally, so if this is the case, have the narrator warm up with interview questions before reciting the script in that same conversational style. View script templates for your industry here: https://biveo.com/step/narration/auto-repair It's important to deliver your message in an inviting way. Review the article 10 Techniques for getting your subject comfortable in front of the camera.
  4. Make note of the shots of your business that you want included. No one knows your business better than you, so if you provide your videographer with a list of suggested shots, and why, it will result in a better video. Videographers are great at coming up with shots that put your business in the best light, but they often don’t know which of your services need spotlighting. Review some suggested shots here: https://biveo.com/step/storyboard.
  5. Refine your subject matter Review the article, 8 Things Your Small Business Marketing Video Should Include to Boost Sales
  6. Choose a videographer or video editor. The camerawork, lighting, audio and editing talent of a pro are usually worth the cost over producing the video yourself. Videography is really a study on how to make you look your best on film. If you are on a budget, and have video production experience, reference the tips in this create-it-yourself section: https://biveo.com/create-it-yourself. For a directory of small business marketing video producers or editors, visit: https://biveo.com/hire-a-videographer.
  7. Negotiate price. It is better to ask videographers if they are willing to complete your project for a specific price than to request an open quote. Itemize the details of your project. Let them know you already have a script and have practiced the deliver and that you already have many B-roll shots. Small business marketing videographers post rates on Biveo that range from $200 to $2000 for 30-90 seconds depending on skill level and equipment.
  8. Continue refining it after it is complete. Continue thinking of ways to improve you video after it is completed and refine it over the years. Test new narratives by recording them with your smartphone.

Once your video is completed, put it to work for you by adding it to the home page of your website, your social media, online directories you advertise on, quote request emails (as a link) to potential new customers, in PR articles, email newsletters and email campaigns. All that work is ready to pay you dividends for years to come. Going the extra mile to produce a great video will have many benefits. Video shows customers that you are established and legitimate, and gives them confidence in doing business with you. Video makes buying easier for customers and running your business easier for you.

Run a search on Biveo.com for local business videographers in your area

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