If you run a moving company, having a video along side your advertisements can attract new customers, but if done poorly it can also scare customers away. What things attract new members and what things cause them to shy away? We asked 98 people to share their opinion.

10% of customers said they would not use the internet to choose a mover. 43% of people said they would not watch a video before choosing a mover. On the flip side, 57% of consumers say they would watch a video if curious and have a need. So let's dig in and see what the 57% want in a moving company video.

In general, people want videos to be concise. Shorter lengths are a signal to the viewer that the video may do a good job of being concise. When it comes to moving companies, the general message from customers is that they want to see all aspects of the business, and they don't mind if the video is longer if they can see that the business is run well. "What length of time should a moving company video be limited to?", here are the results:

  1. 1 minute: 28%
  2. 30 seconds: 25%
  3. 2 minutes: 21%
  4. 15 seconds: 8%
  5. No limit/>3 minutes: 8%
  6. 90 seconds: 6%

When customers are in shopper browsing mode, we have found that people typically lose attention around 40 seconds. When they are in buying mode it is usually much longer. Customers tend to watch moving company videos more often as if they are in buying mode.

When asked "What things in a video would make you feel more confident hiring the mover?", the first 1 to 3 things that came to their mind were:

  1. Well-maintained/new truck/equipment 15%
  2. Signs the service is professional/gentle/detailed. Showing real methods/precautions used 13%
  3. Testimonials/reviews/references (authentic) 13%
  4. Professional employees (appearance/attire/attitude/that care) 12%
  5. Price guarantee/low price/straightforward, honest price 10%
  6. On-time guarantee/Fast delivery time/On-time percentage/Reliable 9%
  7. Professional narrative clearly delivered (by owner) 6%
  8. Concise/complete info (what to expect and who to call if there are problems) 6%
  9. Guarantee of service quality (repair, replace, how "what if" scenarios are handled) 7%
  10. Authentic, transparent/honest, not like a TV commercial full of false promises 5%
  11. Insurance (item breakage or employee injury) 5%
  12. Modern main office/facilities 4%
  13. Professional or well-run operation overall 4%
  14. Signs of great customer service/Responsive/Accommodating/Care 3%
  15. Years of experience/Years employed 3%
  16. Can somehow show good reputation 1%
  17. Showing multiple real moves at many locations and situations 1%
  18. How many successful moves completed (without complaints or broken items) 1%
  19. Shows estimated work speed 1%
  20. High quality video production 1%
  21. Family operated 1%
  22. Careful employee hiring practices/background checks 1%
  23. Safety guidelines in place 1%
  24. Community involvement 1%
  25. Availability/not over-booked 1%
  26. Community involvement 1%
  27. Good rating with BBB 1%

When asked "What things in a video would cause you to shy away from hiring the moving company?", the first 1 to 3 things that came to their mind were:

  1. Signs of low skill level, carefulness or unprofessionalism 19%
  2. Poor employee attire/appearance 16%
  3. Old/dirty truck/equipment 15%
  4. Lack of authentic footage (staged scene, use of actors, fake smiles moving heavy items) 8%
  5. Overpriced 8%
  6. Aggressive sales pitch or exaggerated claims or unrealistic guarantees 6%
  7. Low production quality of video 5%
  8. Messy main office 5%
  9. Not convincing that staff is courteous 4%
  10. Lack of authentic positive reviews/testimonials/staged testimonials 4%
  11. Video tries to entertain (cheesy) rather than being direct 4%
  12. Not convincing that they will be on time/reliable/quick/available 3%
  13. Hiding price info 2%
  14. Lack of information about the company and employees 2%
  15. Poor communication skills from narrator 2%
  16. Fails to be concise (rambles, providing irrelevant information) 2%
  17. Not showing main office 1%
  18. Not convincing that they are accommodating and flexible 1%
  19. Not convinced they are detail-oriented 1%
  20. No guarantees 1%
  21. Service niche doesn’t match specific needs 1%
  22. Too many young employees 1%
  23. Annoying theme song 1%
  24. Annoying voice actor 1%
  25. Owner looking overly rich/Plush office 1%

We asked consumers if a moving company video should include these 8 features:

  • 79% want pricing (15% indifferent, 6% do not want)
  • 78% want to see the truck and equipment (16% indifferent, 6% do not want)
  • 71% want to see the employees packing and moving items (22% indifferent, 7% do not want)
  • 62% want the owner/manager to narrate in the background (24% indifferent, 14% do not want)
  • 55% want testimonials from past customers (31% indifferent, 13% do not want)
  • 38% want to see a graphic company logo (40% indifferent; 22% do not want)
  • 34% want to see the office headquarters (45% indifferent; 21% do not want)
  • 14% want background music (49% indifferent; 37% do not want)
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